Bigger than the sum of its parts

Bell Road Beverage District
– bigger than the sum of its parts


When we opened Colagrossi Wines on Bell Road, we knew we had made a move that made great financial and operational sense for the winery. For about the same dollar amount we were paying for a shared facility in Santa Rosa, we were able to secure our own facility in Windsor. What we didn’t know was that we were going to have such a fantastic group of neighbors. Within the timeframe of about two years, five new companies in the artisan beverage space, including wine, beer, cider and spirits moved onto Bell Road and the atmosphere has been charged ever since.


“Together we create a draw that is larger than the sum of our parts.”


The energy is palpable as you walk down the street. Every business is in that exciting start up stage, pushing new ideas to the edges of our production ability and marketing budgets. We all feed off each other, feature each other’s products in our showrooms and talk each other up to customers. We don’t consider our neighbors as competitors but quite the opposite. At any moment one of the other owners may walk in to my shop and say “Hey Craig, have you ever thought about doing this or that?  or have you heard of some event? Want to go in on pouring at a table together?”  We are all full of ideas for each other and partner marketing is on all of our minds. In fact, stay tuned for some news on this front that may include quite a party.

And in the meantime, come down to Bell Road and see us.


By Craig Colagrossi