Top 5 Ways to Market your Business During the Holidays

For many business owners, the holiday season can be a bit overwhelming. Elements like the rush of shoppers and having adequate inventory and staffing on hand can lead to some headaches.


The good news is that businesses can meet consumer demand and still usher in the holiday spirit. How can you reap the benefit of increased sales this holiday season and still spread “good tidings and cheer?” Here are five simple ways to get started:


1. Plan a Personalized Marketing Campaign

Personalize your advertisements this holiday season by making them interactive. Allow customers to get involved and see themselves in your ad. The more interactive and fun the ad is, the more likely the customer will tell their family and friends, and share it on social media. Check out these good examples of holiday marketing.


 2. Strike Key Emotions with your Campaign

People tend to think that their decision-making is purely rational. However, the truth is that people make decisions emotionally. This holiday season, focus the theming of your advertisements/décor/promotional material/, etc. on feelings that encompass the holidays, such as family, friendship, giving back, and gratitude. American Marketing Association advises that when it comes to holiday messaging, don’t force it. Your campaign should come from a place of authenticity.


 3. Social Media Presence

With so many people connected to social media, U.S. Small Business Administration advises it would be a missed opportunity not to use social media to engage with your customers. For example, contests are a great way to highlight your brand and remind your customers of products and services you offer. They can build up excitement and draw people into your business. You can also create a seasonal themed hashtag to use on platforms like Instagram or Twitter to further engage with your customers. Check out these five successful social media marketing campaigns.


 4. Extra Appeal for your Loyal Customers

According to Entrepreneur, it is importing to thank the customers who have helped you grow your business over the past year. Take some extra time this holiday season to make your loyal customers feel special by offering them special offers or discounts, sneak peeks at upcoming merchandise/menus, free shipping, or even secret sales. This can create additional business as well as potential referrals to new customers.


 5. Special Events or Open Houses

Make your business stand out by hosting special events or open houses. Entrepreneur suggests showcasing new merchandise or menus, so your customers have the opportunity to see your seasonal goods in advance. On the way out, offer these customers a coupon to invite them back to make their purchases.


If you have any questions or are looking for other great holiday marketing ideas, please feel free to contact me at (707) 838-5339 or Happy holidays!