Burtonz Bakery

Founded 2015


Burtonz Bakery is owned and operated by Warren and Bobbie Burton. Warren hails from New Zealand and has brought his love for breadstuffs to Sonoma County in the form of an artisan bakery with traditional Kiwi offerings. Along with an array of handcrafted breads, Burtonz offers New Zealand savory pastries (aka meat pies) and a full range of sweets including a cream filled traditional New Zealand donut.

Their Windsor Story:


The Burton’s are thrilled to be in Windsor. Funded initially by a Kickstarter campaign that many local Windsorians contributed to, they have found the Town of Windsor nothing short of super helpful and eager for them to be successful. Things have happened much faster than they expected due to the Town’s expeditious business permitting and processing, which Bobbie Burton says “took the intimidation factor out of the equation of starting a new business.”  Today they are already welcoming over 200 customers to their neighborhood bakery every day.


“We have so much fun with the business. My favorite part about running our bakery is that no one is unhappy when they come here. They come here happy and they leave even happier.”