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Tranquil Town

Majestic oak trees and rolling hills lined with vineyards. A vibrant downtown that’s within biking distance from home. Distinctive shops to wander through and plenty of parks to explore. The perfect mix of open space and amenities.

In Windsor, we’ve got everything we need. And it never takes us long to get there. We’re more than a convenient location, we’re a community filled with choices. From specialty grocery stores to health clubs and home improvement, we’ve got all the ingredients for a laidback life.

60 miles north of San Francisco

Close proximity to Russian River Valley and surrounding Wine Country

Easy access to Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport

101 corridor in the heart of Sonoma County

Central and lively downtown center

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Windsor Wonder Woman

Karen Alves

Born and raised in Sonoma County, Karen moved to Windsor in 1966. She raised her family here and watched her grandchildren grow. Windsor isn’t just her address, it’s her passion. When Karen sees a need, she finds a way. Co-founder of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree Grove and a member of the Windsor Educational Board, she doesn’t sit still. She’s on a mission to get art in public places and build a new park that’s inclusive for people with disabilities.

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Windsor Guitar Hero

Sean Gustafson

What happens when three local teens make a lot of noise in a garage? They form a band called The Sanctions and let their creativity loose, playing shows and growing a fan base along the way. Blending indie, rock, folk, and blues, the group includes Guitarist Sean Gustafson, who grew up in Windsor. Mixed and mastered by Sean, their debut EP The Big Screen includes the ballad, Windsor’s on My Mind, a tribute to his hometown.

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Check out The Sanctions's song Windsor's on My Mind from their debut EP, The Big Screen.