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Launching a new dream. Expanding your business footprint or relocating an enterprise. Preparing for the future while taking care of employees. As an owner, you’ve got enough on your plate. That’s why we made doing business in Windsor easier to navigate.

Decisions happen faster and challenges are solved with creativity. Support is strong and conversations are always possible. Eager to collaborate, the Town of Windsor brings insight and tools that help businesses succeed today and tomorrow.

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Healthy communities start with a healthy economy. At the Town of Windsor, we strive to offer a vibrant, diverse, local economy designed for each and every one of us. With the latest resources, tools, and personal support, Windsor is ready to welcome you.

Business Tools

Everything you need for success including free market research, employee training assistance, tax credit information, incentives, and permitting guidance.

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Tim Ricard

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Tim Ricard

Ready to relocate and discover why this town is a wonderful place to start a business? Connect with Tim and find out what's possible in Windsor.

Tim Ricard
Town of Windsor
Economic Development Manager