BoDean Co. Asphalt Processing PlantUnderline

New asphalt plant and construction materials processing facility on a portion of a 13.59-acre industrial site on Caletti Avenue. Project includes a (1) rezone to Planned Development (PD) to change development standards, including heights up to 100 feet, and specifying the range of uses allowed; (2) Tentative Parcel Map to divide the property into 4 lots, with the asphalt processing facility located on Lot 1 (6.89 acres) and Lots 2-4 ranging in size from 2.04 to 2.36 acres each; (3) Use Permit to allow an asphalt plant/construction materials processing facility with a maximum height of approximately 88 feet; (4) Site Plan and Design Review.


Developer: BoDean Company/Dean Soiland
Project Planner: Kim Voge, 707-838-1106
Status: Application deemed complete 3/20/22, EIR scoping meeting 8/30/22

Next Steps: Environmental review


470, 510, 590, 600, 610 Caletti Avenue